• Deputy Manager-Sourcing (Toys)

Location Karnataka Bengaluru
Experience Range 5 - 10 Years

Job Description
About Us
Established in the year 2007, Reliance Brands Limited is an investment arm of Reliance Industries that began with a mandate to launch and build international and domestic brand equity in India. Over 13 years of rich experience catering to the segments of luxury, bridge-to-luxury, high-premium and high-street lifestyle, RBL has built a great understanding of the psyche of the Indian Consumer. With corporate offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore, RBL now operates over 50 brands spread over 430 stores and 345 shop-in-shops across the country and also own the retail concept stores The Tank & The White Crow across the country. In May 2019, RBL marked its first international foray by acquiring the British toy retailer, Hamleys. Globally Hamleys has 201 doors across 17 countries. In May 2019, RBL marked its first international foray by acquiring the British toy retailer, Hamleys. Globally Hamleys has 201 doors across 17 countries. In the same year, RBL also unveiled its multi-brand outlet The White Crow that showcases a unique curation of over 44 premium brands.
Profile Brief

Role: The role is to source vendors/factories who can help develop the toys product with required quality, manufacturability and cost viability. He/she must have a keen eye to detail and decisions driven by customer needs, delivered through right quality toys.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate in game concept development meetings with Design Team. Identify opportunities for the external Design Team to use and proactively communicate ideas to them (e.g. BaseCamp).
  • Proactively identify areas and items that need research (e.g. new material, new processes, etc.) as company learns of new business opportunities. Anticipate company needs in order to ensure we are positioned to meet customer needs. Complete research needed, and communicate timely to external and internal team members
  • Act as the “bridge” between Design Teams and Factories, to assist Design Team to produce
  • Source and review resources available and make recommendation to Head of Production (e.g. factories, vendors, etc.)
  • Work directly with factories to identify the best materials and processes to fit within the product specifications, produce the best quality product, and meet COG targets. Build and recommend product options, including details regarding materials, technology/electronics, printing, etc.
  • Receive and answer questions and requests from Design Teams for information and advice.
  • Adhere to product production timelines and schedules set by Head of Production.
  • Create Specifications Documents (“spec doc”) based on Bill of Materials (BOM) produced by the external Design Team. Add in appropriate details as needed (e.g. material types)
  • Identify appropriate factories (outside vendors) and send Spec Doc to them for COGs quoting
  • Receive quotes back from factories and evaluate. Ask and answer questions to ensure factories are on the correct track to produce a final quote. Compare factory information to company target COGs numbers. Be constantly aware of company costs and negotiate accordingly to increase company margins. Make suggestions to factories for substitutions/changes. Confirm acceptability of substitutions/changes with external Design Team as needed. Revise Spec Doc and email back to factories as needed
  • Communicate final Spec Doc information and Cost Comparison to Head of Production for final approval of costing
  • Contact external Design Team for final files. Distribute files to awarded factory via company FTP site. Print out Epson proofs as appropriate and mail to factory
  • Proof and approval final Technical Drawings and/or CADs if needed. Get Design Team and company thoughts/approvals, and communicate issues back to factory. Give approval to factory to start production.
  • Review and approve Final Engineering Prototype (FEP)
  • Give final approval for factory to start manufacturing
  • Receive Top of Production samples from factory and approve. Manage any running changes as the production process proceeds.
  • Responsible for regularly reviewing FOB dates to ensure production timetable can support them. Notify Head of Production as needed to avoid release schedule delays
  • Participate in weekly status meetings with external Design Team. Prepare concerns/issues list prior to meeting. Share timely, relevant information during meeting
  • Participate in weekly company Production Meetings. Report on metrics and status for projects.
  • Research toy related patents, copyrights and legal issues pertinent to protecting invention
  • Provide clear and precise direction for entire product development

Desired Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of the production environment, with experience in design/product development as well as manufacturing

Education & Experience Required:

  • PG in Retail Management/Fashion Management or UG in engineering from a reputed business or fashion institute
  • Minimum 5-6 years of experience in similar role for Toys, whitegoods, electronics & electro-plastic products, Preferably in the toy/game industry
  • Strong project management experience
  • Working knowledge in SAP is preferred

The Pink Ribbon on the packaging:

We at RBL are committed to diversity in its workforce and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

In an attempt to bring out the best out of its employees, RBL allows Early Leadership opportunities and promotes Entrepreneurship capabilities, and keeps the invisible threads that connect the RBL family together through the many RBL rituals conducted through the year



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